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This tutorial is intended to provide examples and explanations to aid the user in the creation of fractal art using the formulas listed below. It assumes that the user is familiar with the Ultra Fractal program and has some understanding of fractal theory.

The Enhanced Trap formulas include ideas from Damien Jones, Mark Townsend, Dennis Magar, and Red Williams. They were designed to provide multiple texture and coloring options for the user. There are a large number of options (parameters) in each formula, which can be confusing without some suggestions and guidance for their use. The formulas covered by the tutorial include:

4D Orbit Trap Enhanced
Chip Orbit Trap Enhanced 
CosMartin Orbit Trap Enhanced
Henon Orbit Trap Enhanced
Hopalong Orbit Trap Enhanced
Ikenaga Orbit Trap Enhanced
Liar Orbit Trap Enhanced
Modified Pickover Orbit Trap Enhanced
Quadruptwo Trap Enhanced
ThreePly Trap Enhanced

Except for trap function specific parameters, all formulas have the same set of parameters. 

The following parameters are in the General Parameters section:

The next set of parameters are in the Trap Parameters section.

The remaining parameters are visible when the Expert mode box is checked.

    This set of parameters will appear in the General Parameters section.

    This set of parameters will appear in the fBm Texture parameters section.

    This set of parameters will appear in the General Texture Parameters section.

Each of the formulas has a section with trap function-specific parameters. For example, the Chip Orbit Trap Enhanced formula has a section titled Chip Parameters:

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