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UltraFractal 5 Challenges


This site is dedicated to the presentation of challenges to the UltraFractal email list for the purpose of learning more about the features of UltraFractal 5. Tutorials are included for each challenge. The original challenges, which were for UltraFractal 2 and where created by Janet Parke, are archived at  http://www.parkenet.org/jp.ufchallenges.html

Since UltraFractal 5 is a major departure from UltraFractal versions 1-4 it seems appropriate to start the challenges again. The starting challenges will be fairly straightforward and will progress in difficulty. Each challenge will explore a different area of functionality.

Please post your challenge uprs to this list (up to three per challenge per listee), and the listee's upr's will be displayed on the challenge site as long as they meets all the challenge criteria. Challenge submissions that don't meet all the criteria will be rejected, and a note sent back with the reason(s) for the rejection. Some of the challenges require the use of images. As the UltraFractal email list has no common method of image sharing, all images for the challenges will be limited to those contained in the the zip file imagezip.zip.

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# Title
1 The Basics of UltraFractal 5 and Its use of Classes
2 Changing and Exploring Plug-ins
3 Transforms as Plug-ins
4 Applications of Texture
5 Advanced Topics in Applying Textures
6 Using Slope/Lighting Formulas
7 Using Trap Transfer Bias for Texturing
8 MMF Smooth Orbit Traps
9 All About Images - Part 1
10 Switching and Switch Formula Classes
11 Using Groups


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# Title
1 Plug and Play
2 All Wrapped Up
3 Transformed
4 All about Textures
5 Advanced Textures
6 Slope/Lighting
7 Texturing Tools
8 MMF Smooth Orbit Traps Challenge
9 Importing Images
10 Get Switched