Slope Formula Tutorial for UltraFractal - Page 4


Height Value

For many of the slope formulas the Height Value parameter provides a large variety of methods for calculating the height value, giving many types of patterns for the formulas. The default method for most of the formulas in reb.ufm is exponential smoothing. The following 6 images illustrate other possible selections for the Height Value. Depending upon the formula, there can be up to 88 different Height Value selections. The formula used in these images is SlopeExp (Ikenaga Julia) with Height Pre-Scale = 3. The location tab values are Center = (-0.59, 0.59), Magnification = 15 and Angle = -86. Direct Color Slope was used for coloring with a color setting preset of CornflowerBlue.

Ophiuride Epicycloid
Poinsot Spiral #1 Cycloid
Witch of Agnesi Cissoid of Diocles
Log Spiral Catacaustic Bifolium


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