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This tutorial is intended to provide examples and explanations to aid the user in the creation of fractal art using the formula Attractor Traps. This is a general coloring formula that uses strange attractors as the trap functions. There are over 200 trap functions available and 9 trap variants for each. Some of the same attractor traps are used in the formulas described in the Enhanced Traps Formulas Tutorial, but the implementation of the traps in those formulas is different. 

In the expert mode there are an almost unlimited combination of options for modifying how a given trap functions and the image appears.  It assumes that the user is familiar with the Ultra Fractal program and has some understanding of fractal theory.

The Attractor Trap formula include ideas from Damien Jones, Mark Townsend, Toby Marshall and Michèle Dessureault. Three of the attractor types, Sprott3D, Sprott3D_ODE and SprottQuad, are polynomial attractors based upon the work of Julian Sprott. A publicly available BASIC formula of Julian Sprott was used to generate the coefficients for the polynomials. Attractor Traps was designed to provide multiple texture, coloring, and shape options for the user.  Only the parameters which are visible when the expert mode box is unchecked are listed below.

The following parameters are in the General Parameters section:

The next set of parameters are in the Trap Parameters section.

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